Learning Descriptive Text with the First Grade

18 Feb

Yesterday on Monday, 17th 2014 I thought about ‘Descriptive Text’ in the first grade. Firstly I divided the students into 5 groups. Then I gave them different simple descriptive texts for each group. I gave them some minutes to read the text and guess what kind of text it is. some students answered with the wrong answer but fortunately one of my students could guess it. After that I explained about descriptive text to them. After knowing the social function and the generic structure of descriptive text, I asked them to identify their text. finally I asked them to make their own text according to the topic that I’ve given. these are some of their descriptive texts :

My Home Sweet Home

I have a house in Lamongan. I live there with my father, my mother and my sister. My house is a simple house. My house has approximately 4 meters for long and 3 meters for width. there are 6 rooms in my house. There are living room, 2 bedrooms, family room, bathroom and terrace. the color of walls are blue and white. I live happily with my family. I have much memory with this house before I live my house and going to West Java for searching the knowledge.

Written by : M. Fajrul Iman (Grade 1B)

My Family

I have a family. My family is very nice. I have one sister. I like my mother’s cook. My family always pray for me. My mother is Javanese. I do not forget my family. My family is very happy because I school here. My family always smile. My father inspires me. My father’s hobby is fishing. while my mother’s hobby is cooking. My sister likes playing with her friends. My sister is nine years old. She likes a doll, fruits and playing cook. My family loves me. I love my family. I like them.

Written by : Alfan Hakim (Grade 1A)

It is very nice to see them could make their own text. They are very smart students. can’t wait to see them at class again. 🙂

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